School Closure – Home Learning

General Mental Health and Well-being Support, Ideas and Websites


  • Sleep meditation for kids (free)
  • The Worrynots (1.29 p/month)
  • FOCUS on the go! (free)
  • Three good things (free)
  • Mindful Powers (£4.99)
  • Powerme (free)

Situation Specific Advice

  • Advice on talking to children about Coronavirus, by British Psychological Society:

  • How to talk to your child about coronavirus, by Unicef:

  • Child-friendly explanation of Coronavirus for Primary age students:

  • Information video on Coronavirus for Primary age children (KS2), by Brainpop:

  • Information video on Coronavirus for older children/adults, by WHO:

  • Supporting children through Covid 19- an Emmbrook guide:

Supporting children through Covid-19 Information Sheet

Your Wellbeing

  • Coronavirus and your wellbeing, by Mind UK:

  • 5 ways to wellbeing, by Mindkit:

  • Well-being activities to try at home:

  • Making a lantern

  • Making a board game tips and ideas

  • Make a Glitter Jar

Glitter Jar instructions –