Grandparents Day – Friday 9 February 2018

For our grandparents day, each year group performed for their grandparents and the school laid on tea, coffee and cake for them. The grandparents then had a tour of the school from their grandchildren and also had the opportunity to see their work.  Year three sang a song called ‘Viking song’, year four performed the sign to sing song called ‘Reach out your hand’, year five performed a wrap called ‘We are the planets’ and year six performed a Zumba dance.

Here are a few quotes from the day;

Excellent all round. Well worth the journey!

Came to see my granddaughter Lucy. Worth the journey from Cumbria. Excellent school and friendly people.

Excellent as usual.

Excellent – well worth the 100 mile trip. Looking forward to next year. All the pupils obviously loved the event.

Another really worthwhile day. Been coming many years and this is the last. Very sad!!

Excellent. Children brilliant with the singing and the actions. Did not see any child not joining in. Thank you for the wonderful cakes and tea – much appreciated. Only sorry it is the last year I will be coming as next year will be senior school. Thank you for making both my grandchildren so happy at your school.

Really enjoyable. The children were great. Will miss not coming next year. Thank you.

Well done to the staff and pupils for putting on an excellent performance. The coffee and cake was good too!

Lovely morning – thank you so much. Looking forward to next year already!!!

Extra signs for Junior and Infant school directions please – would be nice. Thank you. Had an amazing morning though, so thank you everyone. Love coming.

Very sad day after 9 years this will be our last grandparent’s day. I know of no school in our area (Oxfordshire) that organise a grandparents day. It has always been an excellent, enjoyable event.

Thank you everyone, pupils, teachers, refreshment organisers.

Most enjoyable, wonderful idea to teach the children to sign. A lovely atmosphere in the school. Many thanks.

Lovely to see the children in their classrooms and seeing their work.

Very impressive. We appreciate how much work has gone into the spectacle.

We were very pleased with the happy environment enjoyed by the children and impressed by the excellent presentation of information in the classroom (Year 3). The ‘mini concert’ was most enjoyable.

Excellent morning, I feel you have the right ethos and the children are happy and learning well, with the right values.

Interesting and enjoyable.

Was completely wonderful. Well done everyone. Thank you.

We really enjoyed visiting the school and the children were delightful! Good to see where our granddaughter comes and see her classroom. Thank you (Year 5). Very good to see the values they are being taught.

Hello! I have been coming every year (my eldest grandson is now in Year 6) and I have always appreciated all the hard work that teachers and children do to prepare for our visits. Well done! Thank you all!

Not quite a grandparent but I came to support the twins – wow! All the children were fantastic today and lovely to see the effort from the staff. Thank you for the coffee and cake!

Most enjoyable morning. Thank you very much.

Had a lovely time today and the children were great. It’s always good to see the children’s work. Well done!

Very impressive. Must continue as it’s nice for grandparents to be asked to visit and see performances and visit classrooms. Well done.

Excellent day and performances were brilliant. Shame our kids grandparents couldn’t make it but if they did they would have loved it too!

Great fun thanks and really good cake!

All very nice. Bit cold waiting outside!

Another excellent morning of performances. Keep this going!

Thank you so much for another splendid morning. The children did so well and obviously very proud of their school. Well done all.

Lovely performance. Children worked so hard – look forward to next year and lovely cakes! Thank you.

Always a joy to be here. Really look forward to watching the children perform so well.

A spectacular morning of entertainment. A real joy and so pleased to be part of the day. Thank you.

Overall very good however I think the children should be staggered like Year 4 and 6 so everyone can see their grandchildren. Especially Year 3 where there was no staggering at all. Very enjoyable though.

Really enjoyable and informative time today. Especially good to see the enthusiasm and cheerful efforts of all the pupils involved. Puts ‘home conversations’ into perspective. Thank you, staff and pupils for a most memorable morning.

Always an enjoyable morning. Long may it continue.

Very enjoyable. All schools should do this!

Excellent. All 4 classes perfect. Worth coming from Isle of Wight. Year 5 a lovely performance. Well done.

Fantastic. What is wonderful is this is open to grandparents as they put such a lot of effort into their grandchildren’s lives and to see how they are growing in school will give them great memories. I especially liked the fact I (as a parent) could accompany my mum because she always has to come alone.

Really good event. Please keep it going. I understand logistics but perhaps do a Year 3 and Year 4 and a mixed performance (Year 3, 4, 5 and 6) in the morning. So you have 2 sessions to choose from if you have grandchildren in different years and then a Year 5 and 6 and a mixed in the afternoon. This will also have less impact on classroom disruption. Great refreshments. Not long enough in the classroom.

Absolutely wonderful entertainment. The children appeared so dedicated. Good work to teaching staff.

A wonderful, charming event. Pleasure to see the classroom. You’re doing a wonderful job!

A lovely school and a brilliant afternoon. A real pleasure to visit and watch all the children, not just my grandchild.

A lot of hard work obviously goes into teaching and guiding the pupils at this school. Each year’s performances totally different but all equally very good. The children obviously enjoyed their performances.

Very satisfying to see children’s work displayed and see my grandchild’s work. In class they all worked as a team together.

I was very impressed with my grandson’s teacher and pleased to meet her. My grandson is very happy here and often tells me about his school work during phone calls.

Well done to all the staff, your school and the children are a credit to you.

Thank you for letting us be able to visit today.

Very enjoyable. Great effort. Rather it was at summertime.

A lovely afternoon. Well organised and nice for Milo to show me around and proudly show all his work.

Lovely afternoon. The children are very well behaved and the songs were fab!! Seeing my grandson’s work was an added bonus.

It was really nice to see my daughter all settled in well. She made friends and her teachers were happy with her. Fully enjoyed.

Thank you for having us. We really enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed the afternoon. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.

We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed seeing the project my grandson was working on (the moon buggy). I didn’t want to go home! Thank you.

Great entertainment and good to see the moon buggies being developed. Well done everyone.

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