Cornerstones Curriculum Framework

We use Cornerstones as a framework to support the planning and resourcing of our curriculum. We believe that children deserve a balanced curriculum that enables them to develop a deep understanding of each subject and the inter-connections between them. We deliver many of the subjects in our wider curriculum (such as Geography, History, Science, DT and Art) through themed Learning Journeys. Each half term, the children complete a different Learning Journey which has a predominant subject focus but also draws in the other subjects too. The Cornerstones approach uses a clear pedagogy that is built on academic research and years of practical teaching experience. It has four key elements to it:

Engage Stage

  • This is to ‘hook’ learners in with a memorable experience.
  • Sets the scene and provide the context for learning.
  • Asks questions to find out children’s interests.


  • This is the section focused on teaching facts and information for deeper understanding and knowledge.
  • Demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation.
  • Provide creative opportunities for making and doing.


  • This area provides imaginative scenarios that encourage creative thinking.
  • Enables children to apply previously learned skills.
  • Encourages enterprise and independent thinking.


  • Opportunities for reflective talk and shared evaluation.
  • Celebrates and share children’s success.
  • Identifies next steps for learning.

Important message

School Information

(Updated 19 April 2021)

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back everyone. We have updated our risk assessment to reflect our move to year group bubbles from the start of this term. We continue to monitor the situation both locally and nationally and feel confident that we can make this change without increasing the overall risk of transmission. The majority of our controls remain in place and we urge you all to continue to maintain a social distance when on site and wear face coverings. We will continue to remind children of the importance of keeping their hands clean and maintaining space between each other.  Staff continue to wear face coverings in school and children may also wear face masks if you wish.

Thanks to all of you who have generously donated to the school either through the Conqueror Challenge, The PTA Smarties challenge or even given up your time and skills for the school.

Summer Term

3rd May 2021 – May Bank Holiday (school closed)

31st May 2021 – Spring Bank Holiday (school closed)

1st – 4th June 2021 – Half term (school closed)

7th June 2021 – INSET Day (school closed to children)

8th June 2021 – back to school

14th – 18th June 2021 – Y6 Residential (if allowed by government)

23rd June 2021 – Transition Day

Saturday 3rd July 2021 – PTA Summer BBQ – 12pm to 3pm – save the date!

15th July 2021 – Sports Day (TBC)

16th July 2021 – End of Year Reports out

19th July 2021 – Optional Report Consultation Meetings

21st July 2021 – Last Day of Academic Year

Thanks – The EJS Team