Spring Information Evening 2018 – Reading

Spring Information Evening 2018 – Reading

On the week beginning 5th March 2018, we held our first termly parents’ information evening. As Reading has been our main priority this year we decided that this should be the focus for the evening.

At Emmbrook Junior School, we are all extremely excited about the changes that we have made to the teaching of Reading and it was so nice to share these with so many parents at our information evening and afternoon.

During the sessions, we described the school’s current position and put our 2016/17 test outcomes in to context.

Following that we explained the changes that we have made and how we aim to promote a love of reading here at EJS.

Book talk

I think that everyone that attended the sessions would agree that the highlight was the book talk session. I would like to thank the parents for really engaging and taking part fully in these sessions and for allowing Mr Thomas to take some photographs!

We have been informed that there are a number of parents who would have loved to attend the evening but were unable to make the information sessions so we have attached the slides that were used that evening.

In the Summer term, we will be holding another information evening about what is happening at EJS and the future plans.

At the end of the session we asked parents for both questions and feedback. We are really pleased to be able to share some of the amazing feedback we received, all of which was positive about the development of reading at EJS. It goes hand in hand with the enthusiasm the staff and children have for Book Talk and the other areas of development for reading that EJS are committed to deliver.

  • Clear, concise and inspiring. Thank you.
  • Good insight into school commitments to improve current situation. Thank you.
  • A really useful evening. The plans to encourage reading using so many formats are exciting.
  • Fantastic afternoon, very informative and great to find out more about what goes on in the classroom. Great presentation Ms Wickens.
  • I found the meeting very informative and it addressed the concerns I had. It was great to see how motivated and passionate the staff were about improving the school whilst maintaining the children’s enjoyment – Thank you
  • It was a fantastic information evening. Would love to have these more often to know and update us as parents. Would be great to see fantastic results after many wonderful changes and efforts.