Sports Funding

Sports Funding 2015-16  [End of Year Report July 2016]

At Emmbrook Junior School, we were allocated £9,160.00 for the academic year 2015 – 2016 and further funding has also been provided for 2016-17. This funding is additional to the normal annual budget.

Schools have had to spend this additional funding on improving the provision of PE and sport but have had the freedom to choose how to do this.  At Emmbrook Junior School, we have this year used the funding to contribute towards the costs of enlisting the services of a qualified sports coach as a full member of staff, which has ensured the continuity for all children’s development and also has offered an increased range of extra-curricular activities. The further costs of employing the sports coach have been met from the school’s normal annual budget.

As a result of the overall provision for PE and sport, we have seen the following impact:

  • A greater range of sports clubs has been provided, including athletics, cricket, hockey,  judo, multi sports, street dance, boot camp, tennis, netball, football and tag  rugby
  • The introduction of Badminton and Golf for all pupils as part of the curriculum
  • There has been greater involvement in competitions and school matches this year. Competitions entered are as follows:
    • Wokingham schools football league
    • Wokingham schools tag rugby tournament
    • 6 Nations tag rugby league
    • Wokingham schools netball tournament
    • Local schools athletics tournament
    • Created and participated in the Wokingham schools Cricket league
    • Year 4 & 5 Reading FC football tournament.
    • Many additional matches have been played across all sports including B team games and Girls matches to ensure more children are able to take part in competitive matches.
  • Particular success has been gained after winning several trophies which include the following:
    • 6 Nations Tag Rugby Champions
    • Wokingham District Football League Division 2 Champions
    • Wokingham Schools Cricket League Champions
  • Clubs are open to all ages and abilities. Participation has improved, almost doubling in attendance on last year.
  • The school has worked in partnership with other schools on competitive sport and the cooperative use of facilities is developing. This includes working with state and private schools to increase skill sets and the opportunity to play on quality facilities.
  • Pupils have enjoyed the activities and there has been impact on their confidence and self-esteem.
  • When appropriate the health benefits of  PE and sport have been explored and promoted

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