Senior Leadership Team

Mr R Fenton – Head Teacher

Mr P Wade – Interim Deputy Head Teacher

Mr P Theobald – Assistant Headteacher

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Hart – 3 Ash

Mr M Fox – 3 Larch

Mrs A Tinson – 4 Cedar

Mrs S Brown/Mrs A Hatherley – 4 Elm

Mrs S Wickens/Mrs A Hatherley – 5 Maple

Mr A Hewitt – 5 Pine

Mr P Theobald (Assistant Headteacher) – 6 Beech

Mrs S Preston/Mrs H McAllister – 6 Fir


Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Blee

Miss R Brown

Mrs V Cooper

Miss K Crombie

Mrs P Fearn

Mrs N Haddock

Mrs W Hudson



Mrs P Morgan

Mrs N Newport

Miss S O’Neill

Mrs A Prior

Mrs H Smith

Mrs N Spencer

Mrs V Stanford

Sports Coach

Mr J Fisher

Inclusion Manager

Mrs L Holloway

Teacher of the Deaf

Mrs R Holland and Mrs A MacDonald

Teaching Assistants for the  Hearing Impaired

Mrs R Sammour and Mrs L Yeates

Office Staff

Mrs C Freeman – Office Manager & Data Protection Officer

Mrs R Baines – Finance Officer

Mrs J Banks – Administration Assistant

Mrs R Edgington – Receptionist

Mrs F Musa – Secretary & Deputy Data Protection Officer

SIMs Manager

Mrs A Perkins

Lunchtime Controllers

Mrs P Fearn (Supervisor)

Miss K Crombie

Mrs P Morgan

Mrs A Prior

Mrs M Rose

Mrs H Smith




Site Controller

Mr A Gregory


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